Win32Service 0.4 for PHP 7.4

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Do you know the time to release the next PHP version ? Yes, the PHP version 7.4 will be released in November 2019 !

I have some good news for the extension Win32Service. The latest version built for the next PHP version.

Otherwise, I have a restricted access to Windows and I cannot test more the build.

If you want, you can download the PHP 7.4 alpha1 snapshot (or newer) and the last artifact generated by AppVeyor for the actual version of Win32Service extension.

A big thanks for your feedback (in GitHub issues or in comment here). It’s very useful to enhance this extension.

June 15 update: The DLL available from github can be working only with the recent snapshots releases available from the snapshot section of the PHP website or the PHP 7.4 alpha2 coming soon.

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